Our Story

The world is full of insincere men’s bags.

You know what we mean. 

Whether you’re in London, New York, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Paris or Hong Kong, you can be sure to see many smaller briefcases, satchels, messenger bags or alike in stores but rarely on the street.

We couldn’t disagree more. 

ENDERSON Bagware was founded in 2014 in Zurich, Switzerland by Christoph Braendle to challenge the idea that all men who want to have a place to put their things must follow the design language of existing carriers.

Women have countless choices, varieties and styles with which to choose from when buying a bag, and we at ENDERSON Bagware believe that men should too which is why, as of 2016, we will be releasing the first ever, exclusively for men, ENDERSON Bagware line featuring our patented colorful and sporty design that allows the modern man to be a trendsetter and a pragmatist, a rebel and an intellect, sexy yet stylish, chic yet understated

Our products are designed from the ground up for maximum durability and strength by utilizing only the highest quality materials while simultaneously maintaining and encouraging only the most stringent environmental standards, so you can choose your ENDERSON bag with the confidence that style is the only impact you’ll be making with your purchase. 

In a world of ordinary, go be bold... go ahead. 

Be ENDERSON. For Men Only.